Automatic Suction Sweeping machine

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Automatic home cleaning solution. This smart suction device can work its way on its own to clean your floor of tiny dust and hairs.

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  • Suitable for wooden flooring; marble flooring and nylon flooring;
  • Picks pet hair and dust; it cleans hair and dust off the ground well;
  • It also cleans the hair that is hard to reach in the sofa bed; dust and dirt.
  • USB charging mode; Built-in high-capacity battery;
  • Fully rechargeable and reusable
  • Advanced lithium-ion battery to maintain the longest running time and charging performance for many years;
  • Compact design; cleaning machine can clean furniture;
  • Sofa and other hard-to-reach areas; creating a clean and comfortable home;
  • Low noise; purifying air; advanced motor greatly reduces dust and noise;
  • Clearance rate as high as 99.7 percent;
  • Flexible automatic steering when obstacles are encountered;
  • Easy to use; cleaner robots run naturally at home.


Name: intelligent sweeping machine

Color: Black

Material: ABS

Weight: 568g

Size: 22.8×22.8x7cm

Power: USB data cable

Sweep mode: automatic universal

Output voltage: 5v

Output current: 1000mah

Household charge intelligent sweeping machine; Low-noise long life Multi-functional slim body anti-collision; Universal travel; sweeping the floor (no vacuum paper) sweeping automatic sweeping machine automatic sensing device; encounter obstacles automatically turn.

Applications: wood flooring, marble flooring and nylon flooring.

Package Contents:

1x intelligent sweeper

1xUSB data cable

1x manual

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