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Welcome to alterityshop.com an online ecommerce shop. We are a team of very experienced developers and dedicated entrepreneurs who decided to start an online store after our own challenging experience of online shopping. Online shopping World consists of few giants along with many little shops similar to corner stores.

Introducing new products on these humongous platforms is a challenge as new products will stay buried under popular items for a very long time. Purchaser on these websites get confused by huge number of available options. The way these systems are setup, standard buyers will never see new products. They go to these websites to buy item A and end up buying items B, C and D. Lot of times they do not even know that in fact there is another item E introduced recently which better fits their need.

We believe that relatively smaller online shops like us can address this problem. We can introduce new products relatively easily. We can promote them better. Searching items on our website will also be easier as we will keep our inventory to a manageable size. We are a global company so we can introduce products from one culture to another. We can support inventors by helping them understand market for their new products.

We also want to fill the cultural gap between the seller and the buyer. Majority of times our sellers and buyers are located in different parts of the World. We play the role of an intermediary. Customer service expectations in different parts of the World are different. We specialize in filling this gap and streamline expectations by providing user-friendly customer service.

Our products are selected after lot of research and evaluation. Once we understand that there is a demand for a certain product item we look for suppliers all over the World. We select few suppliers and manufacturers based on their historical performance. We continuously keep evaluating products using customer feedback.

Customer feedback is the most valuable asset for us. Please help us improve ourselves by telling us our short comings. We are extremely delighted to welcome you here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or query.

Happy shopping.

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4514 Alwood Way SW, Edmonton, Alberta T6W3A1

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